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PAY2PUTT utilizes the patented "Smart Asset Lock Management" process and LOGICALLOCK system to enhance the golf experience. Using PAY2PUTT, the golfer can reserve a tee time and access secured golf course assets, such as carts and restrooms, when the club house isn't open using a smart phone, mobile device, or computer with internet access. Perfect for the early morning golfer or late evening player who wants to hit the links.

For the owner, PAY2PUTT provides an easy to navigate interface with both a dashboard summary of real-time usage or detailed data that can be migrated to Miscroft Excel, Crystal Reports, Quickbooks, or another database. More golfers are attracted to the enhanced accessibility - better utilization of golf services and assets - a new revenue channel for the owner. PAY2PUTT is available for both public and private golf courses and can be seemlessly and annonymously integrated into an existing website using our cloud services or licensed for your own internal use. PAY2PUTT lets you "Golf in the Cloud".

The patented technology used by PAY2PUTT can also be used for "smart" securing real estate, car lots, rental equipment, and other time based access to assets. Countless opportunities, countless possibilities...

PAY2PUTT, LOGICALLOCK, and related intellectual property are owned by G. Scott Despard and Brandon Turrell. Mr. Despard, Chief Technology Officer, and Mr. Turrell, Chief Marketing Officer, are actively seeking investors to further their efforts with PAY2PUTT as well as other uses for the intellectual property. Interested individuals or parties can contact PAY2PUTT using the methods below:

PAY2PUTT, C/O Brandon Turrell, Chief Marketing Officer, PO Box 611, Medina, New York, 14103

CALL: 1-716-601-8776 (USA VOICE) FAX: 1-888-608-4930 (USA)


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